Its that time of year again where I cannot get in the halloween spirit ( I know, I know, i’m sorry) I’m just not a fan of getting all dressed up and going crazy with the sfx makeup and whatnot!

This time last year I blogged a very similar piece to this and it went down a treat so thought I’d go for the same sort of vibes again 🙂
You can check out  last years post here, there’s some handy tips in there


So for those of you who aren’t brave enough to go all out, work in public and feel uncomfortable or simply don’t want to because your all about the Christmas spirit instead, the ‘looks’ I use for Halloween are simply just wearing makeup you don’t wear everyday, and you save yourself some cash because its probably already in your makeup stash.
Believe me it does have an impact, and always go for a dark lip shade or a bright blood-ish red 🙂

Today’s makeup is just a little more sparkly and smokey, and tbh i felt good! Defo my go-to quick Halloween makeup for work this year.


Foundation – L’Oreal True match in Vanilla Rose
Concealer – Collection Lasting Perfection in Fair
Eyeliner – Maybelline Hyper Precise Allday in Black
Mascara – Bourjois Eye-Catching in Deli-Cat Black
Highlight & Contour  – Taken from Charlotte Tilbury Instant Glow Palette
Lipstick – Revlon Black Cherry

Barry M Crushed Jewel Cream Eyeshadow in Duvet Day for all the sparklyness
Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette, Bordeaux in crease and the start of the outer corners, Dark Truffle to build up the smokeyness and Bourjois Grey and Night Smoky Stories Palette for a dash of black on the smokey area.
To add more depth, extra oomph and more darkness defo add more black

All this makeup really needed, and I know I said it last time…  but is fake eyelashes!

Fun Fact – although I said this year would be the year I’d try fake eyelashes or lash extensions I still haven’t haha!

Gracie x


I feel like its been a while, let me know how your all doing!?

So as you can see from today’s post title, its all getting a little different around here today 🙂
Just a warning, its gonna be quite wordy so I apologise in advance haha

Breast Cancer is quite an important subject to me, when I was just 15 my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer before the NHS ‘threshold age’ which she battled for many years and whilst she did go into remission; sadly she lost the cancer battle after it returned as a secondary cancer to other parts of her body.
I won’t delve any further into that for now, but I feel I’m right in saying we all know someone who has had this battle, I certainly know more than just my mother.
So naturally, for many years this has become quite a worry for myself, especially now I have a little boy relying on me.

Fast forward to 2018 summertime, I’d been having numerous issues with my own breasts, just issue after issue, pain, weird white spots and enlargement, then in August I developed a lump… on my right breast, it was very visible and blistery like. Not gonna lie, I was literally a mess, thinking the worse yano!

-Now I know what your thinking, these aren’t common signs of Breast Cancer, not a blistery lump anyway, but…there are new signs everyday and some people do have there own uncommon signs and each persons body reaction is very very different-

I paid a visit to my walk in nurses drop in clinic thing, (as was too late in the morning to call for a doctors appointment, and these clinics can also call on a doctor for extra advice if need be) she examined me, had a feel around and told me it was benign cyst and it would just drop off.
However, by the weekend, the day before I was due to go on holiday, I was in so much pain with the cyst, even moving my arm hurt and had developed quite alot of redness, that I actually called the emergency doctors. I got an appointment and she checked me over, had a feel around and said she had no idea what it could be, probably a cyst or an infection and to just wait and see if it develops into something else. Naturally, I was quite shook by this! The doctor gave me antibiotic cream which sort of took the pain away, but did nothing else.

So in my head, I was thinking all these nurses and doctors must think I’m being so dramatic, looking at my drs history, but at the same time none really asked about my family history.
That being said, I still went on holiday, used the antibiotic cream and my Aunty also gave me some propolis lotion to use whilst we were away. Granted, the redness and blistering reduced slightly.

-Fun Fact; I was once told that I am too young to have breast cancer or any other form of cancer-

When we returned, and because I was seeing improvement, I made the decision to give it 4weeks and see what happened. Obviously if anything got worse I would seek medical help.
bc3So over those 4weeks, the blistering did disappear but I am left with a lump, so as I promised myself I went back to the doctors.
Again the process, the doctor having a feel around and whatnot. This time we actually spoke about family history and the problems I’d been experiencing this year. She was so lovely and understanding. She filled out a referral letter with me there and then.
I received my appointment letter this week and I was surprised to see that I got an appointment less than a month since my referral was sent. Probably something I should be worried about too, but I’m working hard on trying not not focus entirely on that until I have real answers, as being honest I don’t quite know where I’d be if I did.
So my journey here still isn’t quite finished.

But my piece of advice here is be persistent with your doctor if you think/feel something is wrong, even if your age isn’t against you and you do have the right to ask to have tests carried out.


Common Signs & Symptoms

– Swelling of all or part of the breast
– Skin Irritation
– Breast pain
– Nipple discharge
– A lump in breast or underarm area
– Changes to your nipples or skin
– Inverting nipple

Yes, every single one of us (yes, that includes you men!) can develop breast cancer, and monthly self- examinations must be part of your routine, get to know your normal.
Always have a feel around with the base of your hand, circular motions, don’t use your fingers, as using your fingers will pick up on all your tissue-y lumps.
And if your ever unsure, or don’t know how to self examine, its better to have a health professional do it for you and show you the correct way.
Any changes, see a doctor as soon as….

The thoughts behind this postbc2

I’d been brewing this idea for a while, and after some failed attempts with lipstick (story for another time hahaha) I wanted to do something so out there it would shock people, as this isn’t like me but it is for charity after all! But I also wanted the pictures to be quite relevant; which sort of meant getting my boobs out in a fashion haha! I am also a 25year old woman after all.

I was so nervous, but I tried to have fun with this photo shoot and quite like the outcome.

I’m not in a position in my life to donate lots of money to cancer charities (few pound here and there and taking unwanted things to charity shops) so spreading awareness and telling my own story so far is the best I could do.

Thanks for taking a great deal of time to read this post, I appreciate it so much1
Lots of Love, Gracie xx

Should you need any extra information or wish to make any donations here is a few helpful websites: